General treatment information

We would like to see you regularly for a periodic check-up. During such a check-up we can examine whether your teeth are in good health and detect any problems at an early stage. Of course, we also advise you on your oral hygiene.

If the dentist detects problems in your teeth, he or she will discuss with you what kind of treatment is necessary.

Through these links you will find information on the most common treatments:

You can expect us to inform you about:

  • the duration of the treatments
  • the number of treatments required
  • the result you can expect, and
  • the possible risks associated with treatment.

Sometimes, during the periodic check-up, minor interventions can be carried out immediately. For example, filling a small hole or cleaning your teeth.

If a more extensive treatment is necessary, the dentist will make additional appointments in consultation with you. If necessary, a treatment plan can be drawn up.